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Notification form
Updated: 14.07.2016 20:37

Hosting employer, posting his/her workers to the territory of Slovak republic to perform works at provision of services, is in terms of the  § 4 par. 1 of the act No. 351/2015 Coll. obliged to notify the National labour inspectorate the following data:

  • his/her commercial name, residence in case of a legal person, and his/her commercial name or name and surname if it differs from the commercial name, and the legal residence in case of a natural person,
  • his/her identification number in case it was allocated to him/her and the register in which he/she is registered,
  • expected number of posted workers (specified in list),
  • name, surname, date of birth, legal residence and citizenship of the posted worker,
  • day of commencement and termination of posting,
  • place of work performance and type of work performed by the posted worker during the posting,
  • name of service or services which the hosting employer will provide via posted employee in Slovak republic,
  • name, surname and address (place in Slovakia) of the person accredited to the delivery of papers, which will occur on the territory of Slovak republic during the posting (contact person).

Hosting employer will fulfil this obligation:

  • electronically – hosting employer will fill in the e-mail contact, will register him/herself and will create his/her account. After the registration he/she will be able to notify the hosting of workers and consequently to administrate the given data (notice the change at the currently posted workers or fill up new posted workers)


  • in a documentary form – it is necessary to complete the form, print it and send it by post to the address: National labour inspectorate, Masarykova 10, 040 01 Košice or by e-mail to: nip@ip.gov.sk.




Employer is obliged to keep the employment contract or other document confirming employment relationship with the posted worker, record of working time of the posted worker, documents on the wage paid to the posted worker for work performed during posting at the place of work performance.

Working conditions of workers posted to the territory of Slovak Republic
Updated: 27.05.2016 10:58

Labour-law relations between posted employee and posting employer follow partly  the system of law of the posting country and partly the system of law of the country where the employee is posted.
Only a part of the system of law of the country where an employee is posted is obligatory relevant to the posted employee,  working conditions comprising so called hard core are concerned. Hard core provisions regulating working conditions are more closely specified in Article 3 of the Directive 96/71/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 1996 concerning the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services and this article is implemented into the system of law of Slovak republic by the § 5 of the Labour Law,
Hard core provisions regulating working conditions of the workers posted to the territory of Slovak Republic:
length of working time and rest period,
length of paid holiday,
minimum wage,  minimum wage claim and pay supplements for overtime work,
occupational health and safety,
working conditions of women, adolescent employees and employees caring for a child younger than 3 years of age,
equal treatment of men and women and prohibition of discrimination,
working conditions at employment by the agency for temporary employing.

The review of the working conditions, so called hard core in Slovak Republic, for the workers posted to the territory of Slovak Republic, is set out in the annex.


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